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We use advanced Mixed Reality technologies to bring you exceptional experiences in learning & development, on-the-job training, and maintenance and operations. Receive real-time guidance and feedback with our versatile solutions, designed to improve consistency in job performance and knowledge transference in a rapidly changing world.

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem where every device, machine and/or process is connected through a network of data communication systems. Each machine and piece of industrial equipment is embedded with or connected to sensors which generate relevant data

This data is then transferred to the cloud or software systems through data communication systems. The processing and analysis of this data provides feedback and insight that can help increase efficiency and better inform predictive maintenance. 

IoT-driven predictive maintenance helps industrial businesses to streamline service schedules, but also requires reliable, easy-to-consume service information.

Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies integrating 3D models and IoT data allow manufacturers to implement AR and MR experiences that overlay relevant data and comprehensive instructions for working on a physical object.

This helps equipment operators gain easy access to vital information such as operating conditions and equipment performance. While predictive warnings, rapid recognition of parts and easy-to-follow repair sequences allow them to service items directly without the need for an expert on-site.

Empower your employees, and enhance their learning & development, service and training processes.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you integrate IoT and improve your current processes.

Building and Construction
  • Design visualisation at scale
  • Collaboratively work 3D models anywhere
  • Project management on-the-go
  • We supply a BIM model designed for visualisation
  • Workflow learning and simulation
  • Remote collaboration for educators
  • Remote teaching
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Instinctual interactions
  • Have access to immersive learning with collaborative
  • Treatment planning
  • Remote assistance with global experts
  • Guided surgery with checklist and procedures
  • Medical data repository
  • Experience surgical procedure visualisation
  • Anatomy simulation
  • Medical information repository
  • Quality check documentation for quality assurance
  • Real-time parts purchase and inventory management
  • Remote assistance
  • Improve productivity with digital twins
  • Undergo on-the-job training independently without downtime
  • Quality check guidance
  • Troubleshooting simulation
  • Improve processes with digital twins
  • Immersive edu-tainment experiences to engage visitors
  • Improve your soft-skills with interactive AI avatars
  • Scenario-based learning
  • Product visualisation
  • Product demonstration
  • Product placement
Defence and Security
  • Operation planning with spatial data
  • Mobile command control with rights restriction control
  • Train with realistic multiplayer simulations with high risk environment and terrain
Field Services
  • Remote assistance
  • Workflow guidance
  • Project management